Breakfast with Jon Gilbert Leavitt / Frühstück mit Jon Gilbert Leavitt

Jon Gilbert LeavittToday we meet a songwriter, keyboardist, piano performer, producer and arranger Jon Gilbert Leavitt who has played, recorded and performed on three continents. Jon is a full writer member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), in which he received numerous ASCAPlu$™ awards. He has written music for films, TV-Series, stage plays, filmfestivals and radio as well as publishing singles. We are looking forward to a musical breakfast. Good morning Jon!

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Breakfast with Helen Speelman / Frühstück mit Helen Speelman

Helen SpeelmanHelen Speelman is an Israeli painter, photographer and sculptress. Born in Holland in 1950, Helen emigrated to Israel in 1973 where she married and gave birth to three children. She currently lives in a pastoral village near Jerusalem.

Sabine van Baaren, our interview partner of last Sunday, has suggested Helen and we loved her choice.

We hope that Sabine will sing in Helen’s garden at some point and we have already asked for a podcast for components.

Welcome to our first breakfast in Israel, good morning Helen!

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Breakfast with Sabine van Baaren / Frühstück mit Sabine van Baaren

Invited by the author Marija Popadinets, we are having breakfast with the first singer since our components interview series started. Sabine van Baaren has worked with many stars of Blues and Jazz, she made it to the charts and went on world tours. After 25 years on  stage she discovered an even deeper compassion, healing through singing. Her mystical duo A WA KE enjoys well recognised live perfomances. We are looking forward to bred and cheese with the Dutch-born and Cologne-based singer. Good morning Sabine.

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Breakfast with Corinne Gans / Frühstück mit Corinne Gans

Corinne GansCorinne Gans has been living in Cape Town, South Africa,  for a short while now, and is currently on a journey of discovery. She has a Shiatsu and Reiki practice, and also practices photography. She wants to give sense to the invisible and uses the photography to visually communicate her journey.

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Breakfast with Sanne Kurz / Frühstück mit Sanne Kurz

Sanne Kurz Living in Southern Germany, Sanne Kurz works as a camera-man, or better put: Kamerafrau, especially in documentaries and teaches at the BAF and HFF München. Sanne enjoys the occasional Russian breakfast, is able to crochet and thinks in hyperlinks. She is an incredible likable person and components will make a reservation for couchsurfing at her place. But first breakfast, good morning to you Sanne.
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Breakfast with Marcelo Guimarães Lima / Frühstück mit Marcelo Guimarães Lima

Marcelo Guimarães LimaMarcelo Guimarães Lima is a painter, printmaker and writer. He has taught drawing, painting, printmaking, the history and the theory of art in Brazil, in the United States, in Spain and in Dubai (UAE). He has illustrated books, worked with animators, painted murals, directed community-based art projects in the US, in Brazil and in Spain. His work has been exhibited in the US, Europe, UAE and Brazil. We are looking forward to the interview with Marcelo and welcome him to “Breakfast with …” Auf Deutsch weiter lesen   (more…)

Breakfast with Marija Popadinets / Frühstück mit Marija Popadinets

Marija PopadinetsMarija grew up in the western Ukraine, in Transcarpatia. She ist he mother of three children and has been living in Germany for more than 20 years.
Marija’s passion is writing, eagerly utilising every free minute. Her first book was published in 2006 in German, a language she taught herself.
We are especially pleased to have Marija for breakfast today and would like to thank Marija for supporting „Components“.
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Breakfast with Antonia Venturini / Früstück mit Antonia Venturini

Components Antonia VenturinieAntonia comes from Cape Town in South Africa, a city most exotic for most of us Europeans. She is a photographer and also does fine art printing in a challenging society. That probably explains the choice of her quote for components: “Trust in what you love, continue to do it, and it will take you where you need to go.” Natalie Goldberg
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Breakfast with Konstanze Meindl / Frühstück mit Konstanze Meindl

“Life is too short to drink iced mango shakes through a straw” (Konstanze Meindl)
We are looking forward to breakfast with Konstanze: anthropologist, photographer, world traveler and the best mate out there. She loves tea, so today we brew some tea.

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Breakfast with Juliana Lima Dehne / Frühstück mit Juliana Lima Dehne

Juliana Lima DehneThis wonderful and talented woman usually has lunch with a good looking gay man who asks her out while her husband is looking on. Scandalous!!! No, not really. Juliana Lima Dehne, Brazilian American actress/writer stars as Sophie, a character in the Over Lunch Trilogy, an exciting film project, she created and wrote which her husband directed. Juliana has been performing and producing projects (theater, films and projects) in New York City, Chicago, Paris and São Paulo. She is the co-founder of Dehne Lima Film, a keen blogger and has healthy breakfasts. Good morning to you, Juliana.

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