Breakfast with Andrea Neumann and Alexander Mikula / Frühstück mit Andrea Neumann and Alexander Mikula

AKIAInterview with Andrea Neumann and Alexander Mikula alias AKIA.
AKIA has been founded to promote photo and digital art as well as the collaboration between artists of different genres.

Andrea: Born and grown up in a little town on the countryside I have lived and worked in Vienna for nearly 30 years now. Professionally I am a pharmaceutical scientist and work in this field focused on quality management in the pharmaceutical industry. After the diploma from Prager Fotoschule Österreich and some courses in cultural management, I’ve founded the platform AKIA together with Alex. My individual artistic work is focused on visual perception in combination with selectively applied disorder to actively involve the viewer of my photographic images when they are observing my work.

Alex: I am an IT engineer by education. After achieving the diploma from Prager Fotoschule Österreich, I completed my training as certified cultural manager. My current work as freelance consultant covers a range of technical and cultural topics. As an artist I’m mostly interested in the use of post processing in digital media. My very conceptual images keep toying with reality are striving to tell entire stories to my audience.

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Breakfast with Elvira Souza Lima / Frühstück mit Elvira Souza Lima

Bom Dia Sao Paulo! On the breakfast table mouthwatering ripe pineapple, papaya chunks and the smell of freshly ground Brazilian coffee beans in the air and with us, the smart and genuine Elvira. Born in Sao Paulo, she has lived and worked in different countries. Back in Brazil she has dedicated her life to Education. She is convinced, that every child has the right to learn,  that every child is able to learn, when given the opportunitiy and she has been working and fighting for these achievements for years.
But been asked by Simone how adults will learn again, she has a clever yet simple answer, that you will find in this interesting interview. Auf Deutsch weiter lesen     (more…)

Breakfast with Christian Lima Dehne / Frühstück mit Christian Lima Dehne

Christian Lima Dehne, born in Germany, grew up in the Netherlands, produced over 10 short-films including “Iliriana“, screened at the Dutch Film Festival, Tirana International Film Festival and other festivals. In 2010 Christian moved to Munich where he received the Bavaria Film Center VGF-Grant (at the Bavaria Film Studios) for up-and-coming talent in the film industry. “Over Lunch” is his directorial debut. Components is practically a family affair so to speak and dog training a real professional alternative. Good Morning Christian.
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Breakfast with Eva Leopoldi / Frühstück mit Eva Leopoldi

Components - Eva LeopoldiJürgen Heimlich from Vienna recommended Eva Leopoldi for the next interview, a request, we happily fulfill. We have met Eva Leopoldi, a freelance artist, through her project “12x anders” (12 times different). Eva , originally from Ulm, has shown her work in Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria. She has got a taste for instant coffee, but there is so much more to find out.
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Breakfast with Jürgen Heimlich / Frühstück mit Jürgen Heimlich

Jürgen Heimlich was born 1971 and lives in the beautiful city of Vienna. His passion is writing, which he started in 1989, he has sinced been published in a couple of magazines and has written three crime novels. Jürgen Heimlich is Milena’s and my breakfast guest. Jürgen and Milena have known each other for a long time and met again through components.
Good morning to you all and enjoy your breakfast with Jürgen.

Literaturexperte-Jürgen Heimlich

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Breakfast with Renate Milena Findeis / Frühstück mit Renate Milena Findeis

milena findeis selfportrait

milena findeis selfportrait

Components is most proud of this interview with poet Renate Milena Findeis. Without her, components wouldn`t be where it is now. Poetry, a huge passion of the interesting and talented artist. Her passion found a home with timetrain, an online magazine, that shows her work and the work of other recent and classic artists. We stay in the creative and cultural east:
Good morning, Prague!

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Breakfast with Raluca Piteiu / Frühstück mit Raluca Piteiu

Raluca PiteiuRaluca was born Mediasch, Transylvania. She calls herself a social-media junkie, and anyone exploring the web using the keyword “photography“ will be able to confirm her statement. Raluca can be found everywhere and knows a lot about social media. I got to know her here at “Components”, some time later we had a coffee together in Munich. Later she visited my exhibition, and aturally, we ended up drinkting coffee again, and talking about photography and “Components”. Raluca’s photographs express a wonderfully poetic and, to me, unique language. We are delighted to have her as a “Components” team-member. Raluca, we are looking forward to meeting you and your photographs.  Let me pour the coffee, and let’s see what Raluca will tell us about herself.
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Breakfast with Dagmar Martin / Frühstück mit Dagmar Martin

Dagmar Martin’s great passion is writing, and “Components” benefits from this immensely. She is always there when you need her, whether as a friend, neighbour, nurse or PR-manager. Dagmar, mother of three lovely children, is a bundle of creative ideas and quickly comes up with practical solutions.
Thank you Dagmar for being here.
And now, let’s pour the coffee!

1. What are you having for breakfast? / Was frühstückst du so für gewöhnlich?

If I am late, a cup of tea and a yoghurt. When I have time: fresh bread, marmalade and an egg. I am addicted to the full Irish breakfast, a real challenge for the cholesterol level.
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Frühstück mit … / Breakfast with Simone Naumann

Simone Naumann

Foto: Catherine Avak

1. What are you having for breakfast? /Was frühstückst du so so für gewöhnlich?

First and foremost, I drink a cup of coffee. During the week, I don’t have a lot of time, so I prepare a quick bowl of oatmeal with fruit. But on weekends, I take my time. I have freshly baked bread with ham and eggs, cheese, jam, fruit and orange juice.
Afterwards, I enjoy a large cup of coffee in front of my iPad while I say “good morning” to the social media world.

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