A little Story about Photography

Photography is meditation

Simone Naumann Fotografie - Eis This picture was taken on a remote Norwegian mountain area. My Norwegian friend and I were going skiing. Well she was anyway, I, like any complete beginner, kept clumsily falling down behind her.
It was a beautiful day, glazing sunshine, a clear blue sky, glittering snow covering everything everywhere and temperatures well under zero degree Celsius. After skiing we sat in front of our little hut with a steaming mug of coffee in our hands and I was secretly proud of the fact that I had managed to not break my neck.
The silence around us was overwhelming. No cars, no people, no shops, nor bars. Nothing. Just trees, ice and snow grouse; every now and then you could hear the creaky hut door closing and one’s own seemingly loud noises. Have you ever heard your own footsteps in the crunchy icy snow? In the mountains you can find yourself. It’s a wonderful place to come in contact with your inner self. We enjoyed the solitude and tranquility in silence, still clutching our coffee mugs. Then this little icicle over my head began to melt and drip in my coffee. I looked up and watched how the icicle became rounder in the lower middle, forming a pearl shaped drop, headed towards the ground everytime it became too heavy for the icicle to bear. Our coffee break was over. At least for me it was. I quickly snatched my camera and began observing the icicle drop through the lens, studying the process intrinsically, not caring about the time. I observed how the tip of the icicle started to dissolve in many beautiful water drops. I tried to capture the speed with which the drops hit the ground. For a split second the water drop reflected an image of the landscape around it and after two hours and countless shots later I caught that moment in the picture, shown above.

This, to me, is real meditation, thanks to photography.

Simone Naumann

Next week Marija writes about encounters on “Components”.

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