Helen Speelman

Helen SpeelmanDo what you love,
Love what you do.

Helen Speelman
Jerusalem, Israel


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AKIA – Unreal Exhibition

“Unreal Exhibition” 


Everything is unreal. We live our very own reality. Seeing the world how it isn’t. 

A virtual exhibition
by Andrea Neumann and Alexander Mikula (Akia)
open from Nov. 16th to Dec. 16th 2012 –
only online: www.unreal-exhibition.at

Opening Event with literature performance by Wortwerft 
Thursday, Nov. 15th, 19:00h
Q-Pro, Schellhammergasse 24, 1160 Wien

Unreal Exhibition is
 a discussion in photographic terms,
following the development of any individual’s perception,
projected onto Vienna’s Kärnterstrasse.

Unreal Exhibition is part of eyes on – Month of Photography Vienna.

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Breakfast with Raluca Piteiu / Frühstück mit Raluca Piteiu

Raluca PiteiuRaluca was born Mediasch, Transylvania. She calls herself a social-media junkie, and anyone exploring the web using the keyword “photography“ will be able to confirm her statement. Raluca can be found everywhere and knows a lot about social media. I got to know her here at “Components”, some time later we had a coffee together in Munich. Later she visited my exhibition, and aturally, we ended up drinkting coffee again, and talking about photography and “Components”. Raluca’s photographs express a wonderfully poetic and, to me, unique language. We are delighted to have her as a “Components” team-member. Raluca, we are looking forward to meeting you and your photographs.  Let me pour the coffee, and let’s see what Raluca will tell us about herself.
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short news – welcome Raluca

Raluca Piteiu

Sunday we will set the breakfast table and welcome a new guest: Raluca will be joining us. Raluca is the third member of the components team. She studied advertising and PR at University Klausenburg and communication science at LMU Munich where we both met. She has written her bachelor thesis in Munich on the subjects PR and communication science and returned to Romania since. She now works as a Business Analyst and does freelance Social Media consulating.

She is a passionate photographer and also writes articles for Camera Obscura, an online photomagazine.  www.cameraobscura.ro

Thanks Raluca for being on board!

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Breakfast with Dagmar Martin / Frühstück mit Dagmar Martin

Dagmar Martin’s great passion is writing, and “Components” benefits from this immensely. She is always there when you need her, whether as a friend, neighbour, nurse or PR-manager. Dagmar, mother of three lovely children, is a bundle of creative ideas and quickly comes up with practical solutions.
Thank you Dagmar for being here.
And now, let’s pour the coffee!

1. What are you having for breakfast? / Was frühstückst du so für gewöhnlich?

If I am late, a cup of tea and a yoghurt. When I have time: fresh bread, marmalade and an egg. I am addicted to the full Irish breakfast, a real challenge for the cholesterol level.
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Frühstück mit … / Breakfast with Simone Naumann

Simone Naumann

Foto: Catherine Avak

1. What are you having for breakfast? /Was frühstückst du so so für gewöhnlich?

First and foremost, I drink a cup of coffee. During the week, I don’t have a lot of time, so I prepare a quick bowl of oatmeal with fruit. But on weekends, I take my time. I have freshly baked bread with ham and eggs, cheese, jam, fruit and orange juice.
Afterwards, I enjoy a large cup of coffee in front of my iPad while I say “good morning” to the social media world.

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Lennart Lundquist

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
It is the source of all true art and all science
He to whom this emotion is a stranger,
who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe,
is as good as dead.
His eyes are closed
/Albert Einstein/
Lennart Lundquist
Mangstorp, Sweden

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Anil Sharma

“Had I not created my whole world, I would certainly have died in other people’s. “
 Anais Nin

Anil Sharma
अनिल अभिमन्यु शर्मा
Back to the FUTURE :
Psychologue de formation, Photographe de profession & Chef de Passion…et ce n’est pas fini 😉

www.facebook.com/AnilAbhimanyuSharma  www.indiacalling.fr

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Raluca Piteiu

Raluca PiteiuIf nothing ever changed, there’d be not butterflies. (Anonymus)

Raluca Piteiu
Cluj-Napoca, Rumänien


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“Components is back” – and continues / „Components“ ist zurück – und nun geht’s weiter

Dear Friends and Followers of Components,

As the European Summer ends, Components returns and it continues.
With your contributions we were able to put together the most amazing project, that has been presented in an exhibition in St. Pölten, Austria, in May 2012. The exhibition was a great success. Many showed interest and we got a lot of positive feedback.
That made us happy to continue the project with all our enthusiasm and energy.

Components shall become a flying exhibition. Are you interested in hosting components? Do share your idea where it should be seen next!

New on components: our Sunday Breakfast:
A view behind the scenes and the network are the main goals.
In a series of interviews entitled “Breakfast with……”, we will introduce the participants of components, we will talk about interesting subjects of different countries, creativity, interesting projects and social media.
You are very welcome to take part. When you are interviewed, you may pick the next person to be questioned for breakfast.
This is your chance to find out everything about Horst Weber`s Dublin connection and Christian Lima Dehne`s compassion for filmproducing.
Put on the perculator, components is coming for breakfast most sundays from now on.

We also wish to welcome Dagmar Martin, a new components team member. From now on she will be posting bits and pieces, too.
She already has been busy with components, writing, translating and spending evenings putting the exhibits together. Without her, we wouldn`t be, where we are now. Thank you, Dagmar.
More about the „Components“ team in this place soon.

Kind regards
and the “Components” team


Liebe Components Freunde,

„Components“ ist zurück aus dem Sommer … und weiter gehts ……..

Im Mai dieses Jahres habt Ihr mit euren wunderbaren Beiträgen einen Teil für ein wunderbares Projekt gestiftet. Die Ausstellung der Installation “Components” in St. Pölten/ Österreich war ein großer Erfolg.

Das Interesse war riesig und wir erhielten viele positive Rückmeldungen, die uns dazu bewogen haben, auch weiterhin mit viel Energie an diesem Projekt zu arbeiten.

Components soll in Zukunft zur Wanderausstellung werden. Wer hat Interesse und/oder kann uns Hinweise auf neue Ausstellungsmöglichkeiten geben?

Neu auf “Components” ist unser sonntägliches Frühstück .
Dabei geht es uns um die Vernetzung der Teilnehmer und ein Blick hinter die Kulissen.
In der Interviewreihe : “zum Frühstück bei …” werden Teilnehmer näher vorgestellt.,
Interessantes über verschiedene Länder, kreative Prozesse, tolle Projekte und auch Neues aus Social Media werden zum Thema gemacht.

Ihr seid eingeladen, mit zu machen. Wer ein Interview gibt, darf gleich den nächsten Interviewpartner vorschlagen.

Wer also schon immer alles über Horst Webers Dublin Connection oder Christian Lima Dehnes Filmleidenschaft wissen will, der hat nun die Chance.
Schenkt schon mal den Kaffee ein, „Components” kommt immer sonntags zum Frühstück.

Wir haben Verstärkung bekommen. „Components“ begrüßt ein neues Teammitglied.
Dagmar Martin hat das Projekt bereits von Anfang an unterstützt und kennt fast alle von Euch. Dagmar schrieb Texte, korrigierte, übersetzte und baute viele Abende an der Ausstellungsinstallation mit.
Ohne Dagmars Hilfe wären wir noch nicht so weit.
Dafür ein großes Dankeschön von mir. Mehr über Dagmar könnt ihr in ihrem Interview lesen.

Viele Grüße
und das Components-Team

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